ChannelLife NZ - The ultimate guide to selling Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service


The ultimate guide to selling Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

Much like insurance, disaster recovery is a solution businesses know they should get, but don’t feel the urgency until they regret not having it.

This puts managed service providers (MSPs) with disaster recovery products in a position where they need to convince businesses of the value of availability and zero downtime, rather than the value of having the product.

There are a few reasons why an (MSP) with a backup product could have trouble marketing it.

It could be that your backups are limited in scope, or you inherited a management nightmare, or you haven’t mastered the tricky sales technique of selling backup.

MSPs need to focus on the value they’re bringing to the customer instead of the service, and make sure they put it in simple terms with an obvious business case that a non-technical audience can understand.

The key is being able to steer the discussion towards the business impact the lack of the service may have and work backwards to the offering.

MSP SolarWinds has prepared a helpful infographic to goes into more depth on the best way to present your backup offering in a way that will win your customers over.

The infographic includes winning strategies for driving the sale of backup solutions and persuasive statistics that neatly make the case for having disaster recovery solutions.

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