Aerohive at forefront of digitising society

07 Aug 12

Things are changing rapidly in the classroom's of New Zealand's 2000 schools. Not many know this more than wireless access point vendor Aerohive. The companies at the forefront of digitising the classroom.

More and more of these classrooms are using flat panel displays or projectors connected to digital media devices like Apple TV's which in turn are connected to the teacher's laptop wirelessly. This is on top of digital whiteboards and 30 students each wanting to access video content from their iPad.

While other wireless equipment is focused on antennae technology, Aerohive has it's focus on density. The density issue is becoming the hottest button in wireless, with so many of us having more than one device. When this is translated into a classroom setting, there is unprecedented demand for bandwidth from a number of devices in close proximity.

One of the companies most recent innovations is support for Apple's Bonjour technology, which came with their recent version 5.1 software update. Bonjour is an open source technology that aims to allow devices to connect to other devices without any configuration (ZeroConfig).

Technology analyst Gartner see's Aerohive as the innovator in the wireless space. This innovative pitch seems also to be translating into sales with some recent high profile school deals including the Great Christchurch Schools Cluster and the Waimia Schools Cluster.

Although don't let all this excitement in the classroom leave you with the impression that Aerohive is only for the education sector, the vendor has it's eyes set on the small business and enterprise sector.

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