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Aiotec acquires Bluewater Systems

12 Nov 10

Aiotec has announced the recent acquisition of Bluewater Systems Limited, which it's hoped will enhance Aiotec’s electronic consultancy services for all clients.

The consultancy division will continue to trade as Bluewater Systems (an Aiotec Company).
Bluewater Systems' team of 20 software and hardware engineers will now offer, in conjunction with embedded ARM development: 

  • Expanded product development capability

  • Embedded power electronics

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Reliability engineering

  • Project management

Aiotec specialises in embedded systems on alternative microprocessor platforms.

Bluewater Systems has fourteen years of expertise in developing a wide range of embedded devices including ARM processors, video/audio systems, digital camera, data storage, GPS devices, imaging/security, PDAs, and advertising display systems.