BackBox back-up plan for M.Tech

08 Aug 12

Australian networking and storage solutions distributer M.Tech unveiled BackBox today, a central location for securing network device backups and recovery.

M.Tech says the product offers better functionality through recent and verified backups of firewalls, switches, content filters and load balancers.

"When network devices fail, which happens too often, recovery can be difficult and outages costly,” said Paul Lim, Regional Business manager for M.Tech Australia.

"Failures come from many sources including hardware, software and operating system malfunctions, as well as misconfigurations, upgrades and high-availability replication.

"In all instances, recovery time needs to be short, and since home-grown scripts are often ineffective and unreliable, network administrators need verified backups in a centralised, secure location. BackBox provides these.”

Available in New Zealand this month, M.Tech says the device offers a full reporting suite including a live dashboard with real-time status, a detailed backup log, and alerts and notifications.

BackBox can be customised and features a hardened operating system, internal firewall, encrypted passwords and secure communication with all devices.

Developed by international security company Safeway Solutions, BackBox’s scalability allows the handling of thousands of devices requiring backup according to Lim.

"BackBox ensures compliance by providing a central function for disaster recovery plans,” he says.

"It supports DR planning and execution with the templates and procedures essential for quick and successful recovery.”

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