Ballmer: Windows 8.1 back to the Start

28 Jun 13

Windows 8.1 will be a "refined blend" of Microsoft's desktop experience, with the traditional Start button set to return to the updated operating system.

Speaking at the company's Build conference, CEO Steve Ballmer remained his usual bullish self when discussing the new release, insisting Microsoft have listened to user feedback.

"What we will show you is a refined blend of our desktop experience and our modern user interface and application experience," he said.

"You will see we will bring back the Start button to the desktop. You will see that if you want to boot to the desktop, you can boot the desktop.

"You will see, nonetheless, we have enriched the Start screen and the Start menu, but we have brought back the flexibility for you to see the many, many applications that you use everyday in a simple and quick glance."

After unveiling the download preview for the update earlier this week, Microsoft hopes Windows 8.1 can be everything Windows 8 was not with users.

Rumours have been rife that Microsoft would bring back the Start button, and following Ballmer's admission this week, it appears the software giant has listened to the criticism.

But Ballmer insists Windows 8.1 will be one of many new releases by Microsoft, who will issue updates on a much more "rapid release cycle" going forward.

Can Windows 8.1 repair the damage of Windows 8? Tell us your thoughts below

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