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Bitdefender injects aggressive changes to Partner Program

03 Oct 13

Bitdefender has dramatically overhauled its partnership program as the company continues to expand within the global security industry.

Bitdefender COO Bogdan Irina says the new Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network is the result of extensive deliberations and consultations with existing partners.

“The time is ripe for a complete, game-changing overhaul of our partner program,” he says.

“Bitdefender has gained incredible momentum during the last couple of years and we believe the benefits and tools offered with our new partner program will lead to outstanding sales results.”

Irina says the new partner program rewards industrious partners with higher margins, greater opportunities to offer support, custom marketing plans, lifetime recurrent and protected revenues and a clear partner ranking.

“Our program will provide greater incentives for partners to achieve high profits and worldwide hands-on training,” he says.

In addition to the significant success with consumer solutions in the channel, Bitdefender is also enjoying growth in SMB, service provider and specialised channel partnerships.