BlackBerry considers licensing deal amid investor pressure

10 Jul 13

BlackBerry is considering a licensing deal, or even an outright sale of the business in a bid to appease investor concerns.

Speaking at the company's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Thorsten Heins remained upbeat, despite shareholder concern regarding the disappointing sales of the new BB10 smartphones.

When quizzed on BlackBerry's plan of attack going forward, Heins claimed he was open to anything which increased value for investors.

"This is a long-term transition for the company, but I can assure you that we're pushing very hard," he said.

"BlackBerry will pursue every opportunity to create value for shareholders."

Following the comments, shares in the company rose, with many believing Heins would be open to a licensing deal or even selling the business.

Selling as many new models in the past three months as Apple does iPhones in a week, many believe time is running out for the embattled BlackBerry.

After releasing its first full-quarter sales of the BlackBerry 10 range, it would appear the company has failed to reinvent itself within the smartphone market and could even be finished.

Yet despite the clock ticking on BlackBerry's future, Heins told investors the company was seeing small signs of market-share gains at the top-end of the smartphone market.

"Before you go into any strategic option, I think you have to create value," he said.

"And the value of the company 15 months ago was way less than what it is today."

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