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CA helps bridge the digital divide

01 May 07

Last year we reported that CA had donated $25,000 to the Computers in Homes (CIH) scheme; giving 18 families in Huntly access to recycled computers, training and support.
CIH aims to bridge the digital divide by ensuring lower socio-economic families have access to information and communication technology.
Huntly Primary School is ranked Decile 1. A school’s decile indicates the extent to which it draws its students from low socio-economic communities; Decile 1 schools have the highest proportion of those students while Decile 10 has the lowest proportion.
Alex Watson, Huntly Primary School principal, says it’s hard for well-off New Zealanders to images how limiting it is not to have a computer or internet access at home.
“This scheme brings 18 families up to a level that most other kids take for granted,” he says.
Alongside its cash donation, CA has provided a 12-month licence of its Internet Security Suite so each PC is protected. Families also receive six months free internet access.
Stuart Preston, CA country manager, is delighted CA can provide something of real benefit to disadvantaged New Zealand families.
“CA is a global software company but it has a commitment to work locally to improve the quality of life in the communities we live and work in,” he says.