Confirmed: Fairfax Tech mags to close in NZ

26 Jun 13

Technology magazines PC World, ComputerWorld and Reseller News have been officially confirmed to close in New Zealand.

IDG Australia will now take charge of the New Zealand publications as a result of Fairfax Magazines resigning the licences, owned by IDG, to publish the three tech titles.

As reported last week, the final date of publication are: Computerworld July 1st, Reseller News July 5th and PC World July 1st.

And in taking a step further from last weeks stance, Fairfax also announced it will relinquish the CIO brand as well.

“While we were very committed to continue publishing CIO, with today’s decision that IDG will retain its presence in New Zealand, it seems logical they should manage all of their brands in this territory,” says Lynley Belton, general manager, Fairfax Magazines.

CIO and the other brands will now be managed out of Australia by IDG.

"Great to see at least a diminished presence in New Zealand for these global brands," says Sean Mitchell, publisher, Techday.

"It's a very interesting move to wrestle CIO magazine & the events back from Fairfax."

"Time will tell whether the brands can published remotely like this."

"Techday will announce in time that it will enter the events business to directly compete with the CIO conference/Summit.

"We're asking sponsors to not sign their 2014 documents until they've heard our alternative proposition."

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