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Crystal deal signed for NZ

17 Jun 10

Canberra-based ICT service provider Crystal Approach has signed a deal with Unisys Australia to be its “preferred supplier” of project management services across ANZ.

Crystal’s Business Development Director David Mathews said, "Crystal Approach has worked with Unisys on Federal Government projects since 2007. This agreement provides an opportunity for Crystal Approach to build on this local success and deliver expert project management services across other capital city markets and industry sectors.”

Under the agreement, Unisys will draw on Crystal Approach to provide additional project management resources during short term surges in project work.

Unisys Australia’s General Manager, Government Outsourcing, Tim White said, "The preferred supplier relationship with Crystal Approach provides Unisys with the flexibility to quickly access additional experienced project management resources to support clients during short-term workload peaks. This relationship is also an example of how Unisys works with small-medium Australian businesses, providing them entry to engagements as part of the larger Unisys team, that they might not otherwise be considered for.”