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Customer insight an opportunity for IT industry

23 Jul 13

Local New Zealand company Smarter CIS is finding success, through customer feedback software.

Speaking to Techday, Allan Burton, CEO of Smarter CIS (Customer Insights System), says he is thrilled with the reaction so far, with Playtech, a computer retailer, using the system to great effect with over 700 surveys filled out.

Burton says Playtech uses the feedback forms to evaluate their freight and delivery quality.

Other businesses using Smarter CIS include Snowplanet and Waikato’s Fieldays, where eight iPads were used during the event to collect 1,300 individual pieces of feedback.

The system gives businesses an insight into how the customers value their experiences, while the use of apps on iOS and Android allow immediate feedback, capturing the customer’s actual reaction.

Burton describes it as “the ideal way of doing it” as it is “closer to the transaction."

The software is an ongoing engagement also, using social media and communications technology to amplify word of mouth, with Burton branding the software the “word of mouth on steroids."

Burton says that by extracting the data from the feedback forms, the businesses can learn “what they need to start doing, what they need to stop doing, and what they need to change."

The service uses tablets, websites, and QR codes, amongst other platforms, to capture the data. Burton says Smarter CIS is particularly looking forward to further broadening the possibilities of the app on iOS and Android.

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