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Cyclone wins Samsung All of Govt contract

05 Jun 13

Cyclone Computers has won an open tender to become one of the suppliers of Samsung tablets to government agencies and schools, via the All-of-Government (AoG) procurement programme.

Representing IT vendors such as Apple, Dell, HP and Adobe, the Christchurch-based firm says the deal was effective from Monday June 3, including tablets suitable for both the education and non-education sectors.

A local private company, Cyclone is servicing participating agencies in both the education and non-education sector.

The updated tablet computer offering will provide agencies with further savings according to product manager Nigel Farrelly, who says it will be especially attractive for the procurement of tablets into the schools sector.

“Tablets are increasingly seen as the digital device of choice for both mobile workers and students," he says.

"The Samsung tablets, with their innovative design and options around operating environments, are fast becoming a preferred device.

"Both Windows and Android models will be available to better meet the needs of the users."

The AoG procurement reform programme objectives include providing value for money, high quality service delivery and a reduction in the participating agencies’ total cost of ownership of products and complexity and of procurement in order to deliver savings to schools and agencies.

As part of the deal, the Samsung tablets on offer have various iterations including screen sizes and with or without 3G data capability.

Schools, universities, polytechnics and a growing number of government organisations are using such devices to provide positive changes to workflow around productivity and mobility.

The government says the appointment of Cyclone to provide Samsung devices "extends the choice of platform, OS and form factor to AoG customers."

Cyclone is currently one of six leading providers in the AoG IT Hardware space including the supply of desktops, laptops and tablets to government.