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Datastor: Distributors close to an "extreme makeover"

20 May 10

At its Datastor Forum the firm has unveiled a plan of mobilised, converged, information and services.

The Datastor Forum kicked off this morning at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland with key executives taking to the stage to deliver the company’s mission statement.

The audience was told that Datastor had seen a lot of global drive to consolidate distribution and it believes that this will continue to happen. Sophisticated supply-chain management services “will be king” and while distributors are not going away, they be “getting a closer to an extreme makeover”.

Otto Le Roux, Principal Consultant Datastor, said, “We’re going to take you on a journey towards mobilised, converged, information and services. We’re seeing our vendors evolving and creating alliances. The need for this is driven by the need for flexible, hybrid solutions.”

He said there’s a need to do business in different ways, to address the requirements and technical issues that the industry faces today.

“Datastor is leveraging its vendor focuses and their eco-systems that they are creating. We’re going to take them and offer them through to you in a solution-focused, customised fashion, tailored to New Zealand’s needs. And tailor in a way that will make sense for our market.”

Going forward Datastor aims to leverage its customer-focused approach and logistical administration capability. “We focus on partner enablement around our eco systems and maximise both yours and our vendor partner’s benefits,” he added.

The six eco-systems were centred on the data centre, desktop, small remote offices, protection, comply and converge, which Le Roux said was "probably the most exciting for us at the moment".

Ex-All Black Eric Rush (pictured) then delivered the morning’s keynote, which was a light-hearted talk on how success breeds success.