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Datastor launches new website

08 Apr 11

Datastor has sent out word that it will re-launch its website on Monday, April 11th. 

Managing Director, Dave Rosenberg, says this is just the first step in what will be a major web upgrade.

"The new Datastor website is a quick and easy way to access a range of IT solutions and information you and your customers require,” said Rosenberg. "This is an information rich site with improved functionality and usability. As part of this project we are consolidating systems and moving to one website with the information and e-commerce functionality in a single location.”

The new site will feature increased security and will no longer offer a generic login.

"Those who are using the DSdealer login will no longer be able to use this login. If you are one of these long-standing customers and do not have a current e-commerce password the process to get a password is very simple. Just email with ‘Ecommerce Login Required” in the subject line and we will validate and secure a new password for you,” said Rosenberg.  

Due to the upgrade the current Datastor website will be down over the weekend from 8am Sat 9th April – 12pm Sun 10th April.