Datastor offers Christchurch relief

04 May 11

In response to the devastating earthquake in Christchurch on February 22, Westcon Group subsidiary Datastor NZ has opened a $100,000 relief fund to affected business partners and their families. 

In a statement, managing director Dave Rosenberg said "we are committed to supporting our customers and their families in their recovery and in the coming months we will continue to raise funds and contribute for as long as Christchurch needs it. 

"We hope this support goes some way to assist in restoring the city to its former self and help the people of Christchurch."

The fund is open to applications from individuals and families to assist in "whatever financial capacity is required".

A team will review each application and determine how best to help. 

Applicants can expect to hear back within one week of application. 

The application can be found on Datastor's website, or directly here.

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