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DC NZ to follow Australian model

04 May 10

Nick Verykios, Sales and Marketing Director, Distribution Central, has said that the company plans to implement its Australian model of business across New Zealand from August 1st.

Speaking today at the Distribution Central Roadshow at the Hilton in Auckland, Verykios (pictured) explained the background to the firm's distribution model.

“We started off in security and within six months vendors outside of security were saying do it for us. We weren't quite ready and the day we decided we were quite ready, we launched a bunch of different business units."

He continued, “We don’t have the same structure in New Zealand, our volumes aren’t big enough but they eventually will be. We’re actually starting it from August 1st. We’re separating the unity systems business unit.

“The reason why we run the business unit model is because what we’re learnt in previous roles is that once you get to a size you can’t be all things to all people. You need to maintain specialisation.”

Verykios also said that DC has had a policy of choosing the technologies that drive growth or “more importantly the vendors that are going to lead in that area”.

He also highlighted the company’s awareness of green issues, saying that the company plants a tree for every single invoice that goes out.