Devnet eyes NZ Offisync resellers

05 Mar 10

CEO Craig Deveson has told The Channel that Devnet is looking for ‘strategic resellers’ for the Google Apps - Microsoft Office solution.

Devnet has become the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Offisync distributor and describes it as a product that allows Microsoft Office users to manage documents and collaborate via Google Docs, which will ultimately offer businesses a smoother migration to working in the cloud.

Last week Devnet announced the launch of the Devnet Google Apps Store, which it calls a first of its kind in Australia. The store currently allows customers to subscribe to Google Apps and purchase a range of value-added services.

Using the Offisync app customers will be able to open a document in Office and then save it directly into Google Docs via an add-on. The idea is that the user will have that document both locally and in the cloud, which Deveson says “facilitates good collaboration and backup”.

Speaking to The Channel about customers bypassing local channels and buying apps direct from the US, Deveson explained, “If these products are made in the US then customers could potentially get them from the US. However, we see there being an integrated environment, so if you buy one product you can get the others together. If that option is available locally then it’s easier for businesses.”

Deveson said the company is currently looking for a couple of strategic resellers. “We will be looking for resellers in New Zealand. Initially we’re looking for resellers to offer that product into the New Zealand market. We’re looking at bringing in a couple of strategic resellers but we’re not in any specific talks with any particular resellers at this stage. Given we’re the local distributor it would make sense to have one or two key resellers in New Zealand.”

Looking ahead Deveson summed up, “I’m pretty sure that bundles of apps delivered through the cloud is the way it’s going to develop but it hasn’t really been done yet, certainly not around Google.”

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