Dick Smith drops Need A Nerd

29 Mar 11

First Vodafone and now Need A Nerd.

High street retail chain Dick Smith has "unceremoniously dumped” Need A Nerd from its website and retail stores, according to an industry source.

Apparently the New Zealand tech support service got the elbow after Dick Smith decided to offer its own mobile ‘techpert’ operation.

While the Need A Nerd service is still listed on Dick Smith’s website, if you click the link all you get is "Category number not found”.

Dick Smith retail staff are telling consumers that the Need A Nerd service has not been available since March 14th.

Staff are instead offering Dick Smith's own ‘mobile techpert’ service.

At time of writing calls to both Dick Smith and Need a Nerd head offices had yet to be returned.

Earlier this month Dick Smith also dropped Vodafone from its stores though Vodafone is still trying to work out a deal with the retailer.

A Vodafone spokesperson told The Channel: "Dick Smith has made the decision not to stock our range. We have been proactively discussing a business model to suit both parties for some time and would like to think that we could still find a solution and work together in the future".

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