Dimension Data seeking channel help in cloud push

14 Nov 14

Dimension Data is eyeing up deals with local distributors, system integrators and resellers to shore up its position in the land grab that is cloud.

The ICT service and solutions provider launched what it says is ‘New Zealand’s first global, enterprise-class cloud platform with local support’, this week.

Linked with 12 other managed cloud platforms (MCPs) in a global cloud exchange, the offering based out of a Hamilton data centre, allows Kiwi users to burst out for extra capacity to international systems and to specify which of the 13 data centres worldwide hosts specific data.

The company is layering managed services on top of the cloud platform, including Cloud Solutions for Microsoft offering, which enables clients to store data for Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync in data centre locations of their choosing rather than Microsoft data centres, and SAP.

Bill Padfield, Dimension Data Asia Pacific CEO, says having channels to market will help the company stake its claim on cloud locally – before other international players follow suit in setting up local infrastructure.

‘Conversations’ are already underway with some local distributors about white-labelling Dimension Data’s offering.

Padfield says the company is looking for partners who can offer ‘not just simple resell, but some form of value add in the resell process’ and says resellers needn't fear putting Dimension Data in front of their clients.

“For some of our partners today it is a complete white label approach so the end user client doesn't actually know it’s a Dimension Data cloud on the back of it.”

James Walls, Dimension Data New Zealand technology manager, says the company has had discussions with ‘a number’ of traditional IT distributors, with some looking to use Dimension Data’s MCP to enable them to act as a cloud aggregator.

“But also, a lot of these distribution organisations have their own software solutions that they’re bringing onshore from providers.

Walls says many of those distributors are now looking to change the selling from perpetual or term licenses to a subscription-based IT-as-a-service model.

He says MCP can provide ‘a very soft introduction’ to that model, being consumption based, without the need to pre-buy capacity.

Walls says the company is also in discussions with a number of smaller system integrators.

ISVs, VARs and smaller telcos unable to launch their own cloud platforms, are all on the company’s radar, too.

“Where [resellers] are looking for a channel partner to fill in the cloud proposition, we’re more than happy to help,” says Padfield.

“We don’t mind as long as we get to market and to us volume is volume no matter where it comes from.

“Because let’s be honest, anything about the cloud business at the moment is about acquiring new name accounts as fast as you can. To put it crudely, it’s a land grab. We are all trying to get as many new users as we can. It’s a race… And channels to market helps you speed that process up.”

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