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DNA to improve data centre optimisation with IXIA

08 Nov 13

Network monitoring vendor Ixia has signed DNA as its first Australian distributor as it looks to ramp up its presence in the market.

Providing complete network visibility into physical and virtual networks, Ixia improves network security and optimises monitoring tool performance.

As a highly-technical solution, Ixia needed a distribution partner who understood the technical requirements and could assist partners and customers with deployments. This led them to DNA, who were happy to sign up a vendor so capable of providing class-leading optimisation to the datacentre.

“Many organisations have invested heavily in monitoring solutions including sniffers, protocol analysers, storage devices, application performance monitors, and intrusion detection systems (IDS),” says Munsoor Khan, director, DNA.

“The challenge in large complex networks is to ensure every monitoring system receives the data it needs to be able to rapidly respond to network events and security incidents.

"IXIA’s network monitoring switch intelligently connects the datacentre network with monitoring tools to aggregate, filter, load balance and de-duplicate network traffic."

Ixia will be relying on DNA to create opportunities within the channel by marketing to end users, especially the technical engineers who will understand the value that robust monitoring tools bring to the modern complex datacentre infrastructure.

“In an industry that demands exceptional standards of customer focus and a vested interest in providing the best solutions and service," says Gaurav Sheel, county manager ANZ, Ixia.

"I found DNA to be a formidable fit to represent the Ixia's Network Visibility Business.

"DNA share a synergy with us that compliments the technology, customer focus and beliefs of IXIA.

"The leadership at DNA and Ixia are looking forward to servicing the market demands effectively."