Duo not worried about Simms Australia deal

25 Jan 10

Simms International in Australia recently announced that it has signed on IronKey, bumping Duo from exclusive distribution of the brand in Australia, but the company said it will not affect NZ partners.

Duo was previously the exclusive distributor for IronKey in Australia, and is still the exclusive distributor in New Zealand.

Jackie Hatchwell, one of the Directors of the company, said the Simms appointment in Australia was more focused on retail as Simms will only be distributing the ‘Personal’ and ‘Basic’ IronKey devices. Duo will continue to offer the full range of devices in Australia, including the ‘Enterprise’ devices.

Hatchwell said that the appointment of Simms in Australia will have no impact on any New Zealand partners and that Simms will create more brand awareness within the retail market, which is not the company’s focus.

Duo expects the deal to have a positive impact in Australia and Hatchwell said that the further brand awareness will “drive more opportunities within the enterprise corporate market”, which is Duo’s focus.

Hatchwell said, in an email, “Duo enjoys a unique and close relationship with IronKey, having been appointed as one of the first international distributors representing their product line.”

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