Epson - No change to NZ operation

25 Jan 11

Epson’s head office has made the decision to wind up Epson New Zealand Pty Limited and transfer all remaining assets and liabilities to Epson Australia Pty Limited.

But from a front-facing point of view, there will be no change to the New Zealand operation, the company has told The Channel.

Epson Australia made minor structural changes to its businesses four years ago and brought Epson New Zealand into the structure as a branch office on April 1st, 2007. Epson’s business in New Zealand was up until then operated by Epson New Zealand Limited, a company owned 100% by Epson Australia.

Epson New Zealand Limited has not operated as a company since March 2007.

General Manager of Epson New Zealand, Greg Skinner, said in a statement that the original company and the current branch office were successful and profitable and would continue to be so.

“For customers and suppliers there were no changes to the way the NZ business operated at the time of the change to the branch structure. Our business has kept growing over the years as Epson releases innovative new products,” he said.

“The aim of the restructuring was to have both Epson Australia and Epson New Zealand operating more efficiently, both between the two businesses and in relationships with resellers, distributors, customers and suppliers, and that has been achieved.”

There is one change however, after 21 years of being based in Hobson Street, the head office is moving to Fanshawe Street, Auckland.

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