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European software giant eyes NZ channel growth

21 Mar 14

Europe's second largest software company has appointed two new local channel partners as it looks to push further into the New Zealand market.

Dassault Systèmes, which produces 3D design and simulation software, has an annual turnover of around EUR2 billion and is the second largest European software company, behind SAP.

Despite that the company has a 'very small brand awareness' in the region, admits Christian Ebel, Dassault Systèmes' Melbourne-based director of value solutions for Australia and New Zealand.

Ebel says the company aims to change that this year. This week it announced the appointment of Simuserv, to resell and support Dassault Systèmes Simulia finite element analysis, design optimisation and simulation lifecycle management applications in New Zealand.

Simuserv, which has an Auckland office, will focus on the energy, engineering, architecture and advanced manufacturing industries locally. The deal also extends Simuserv's presence into New Zealand.

The company has been a Dassault partner in Australia since 2011.

Dassault Systèmes says Simulia allows designers and manufacturers to create realistic simulation models to improve product performance, reduce the need to produce physical prototypes and to drive innovation throughout a company to support collaborative decision-making.

Ebel says another partner has also been appointed to handle the company's data management and collaboration software, though an official announcement is yet to be made.

InterCAD New Zealand has been the distributor of Solidworks -2D computer aided design software – for some time.

“Simuserv has looked after the [Simulia] brand and done a very good job in Australia for many years and I'm convinced their great work will take place as well in New Zealand where growth in this specific product line has not been as dynamic as it could be,” Ebel says.

“Working in partnership with Simuserv, we will look to extend our market leadership by helping New Zealand-based companies in their innovation, competitiveness and move towards hi-tech advanced manufacturing.”

Ebel says the company see particular opportunity for growth in New Zealand in the manufacturing' architecture, engineering and construction; and services industries.

He says manufacturers are facing stiff competition and simulation software can help enable them deliver innovative, quality products. On the AEC front, he says the software can simulate seismic behaviour, for example, to make sure assets such as bridges or buildings can withstand further seismic activity.

But it's the services industries where Ebel says Dassault Systèmes 'has potential to grow very fast'.

“If you take the example of people looking for a job, in New Zealand they probably go to What they wouldn't know, is that the underlying technology is Exalead, another of our brands.”

In fact, Ebel says Dassault Systèmes technologies impact Kiwis every day – from the cars we drive, to aircraft, web sites and even Team New Zealand.

“We're certainly hopeful [the new partner deals] will raise our brand awareness,” Ebel notes.