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Exclusive: Renaissance’s new brand revealed

09 Jul 10

The Channel has learnt that Renaissance is gearing up to launch its own in-house brand, which CEO Richard Webb says won’t be too dissimilar to Virgin.

The names ‘Yootowe’ was registered on May 4th, 2010 and ‘Yoobee’ registered on June 15th by AJ Park on behalf of Renaissance. Both domains are also registered to Renaissance through its subsidiary Conduit.

The Channel
has been told that the company will go with Yoobee.

Renaissance also registered ‘Renzed’ earlier this year.

Speaking with The Channel earlier this week, Renaissance CEO Richard Webb said that the biggest change this year to the company would be "the introduction of a new brand, our brand".

Webb told us, “The brand will emerge through a range of new services. We’re not going to re-brand existing services but it’s a brand that could find its way on to our retailer offering, it could find its way into a wide range of our own branded peripherals and hardware devices that we’ll manufacturer right here in this plant.

“You’ll find this new brand not to dissimilar to Virgin across a whole range of products, services and offerings.

“I think it’s a lot easier to have a single brand and bring that to market and build brand awareness than to support what we’ve historically supported, which is a myriad of brands.

"We’ll be a branded house, not a house of brands.”

Update: Renaissance refused to comment directly on the new brand reveal when contacted. "All of our businesses will eventually be under one brand but the roll out of this one brand will take some time," said Webb.