Green still a 'low priority'

01 Apr 12

The Emissions Trading Scheme is still not impacting green technology investment – more than two years after the scheme’s introduction – according to an IDC study.

The Greening of New Zealand IT: Is the ETS Boosting Investment shows that despite high levels of awareness and growing compliance needs ‘green IT’ is still a low priority for New Zealand organisations, though that attitude is slowly changing.

When the ETS came into force it was assumed that spending on green technologies would escalate. However, IDC says most organisations have maintained a steady approach to investment directly related to the ETS. The industry analysts say that may change if the transition period ends, as currently planned, at the end of 2013.

Louise Frances, IDC New Zealand senior market analyst, says uncertainty about the final form is still a major deterrent to significant investment in green IT.

IDC says the green element in IT solutions is often a spin-off or integrated benefit, rather than the primary objective of investment. Other business drivers, such as cost reduction through reduced energy use, productivity, IT optimisation, consolidation and supply chain management are more important, IDC says.

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