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Happy times for Gigamon

01 May 12

As the trends of virtualisation, mobility, cloud and consumerism of IT, push the boundaries of IT infrastructure, network monitoring solutions company Gigamon is celebrating.

Jim Berkman, Gigamon director of worldwide channel marketing, says those trends – and the increasing network complexity and speed – are driving the company’s success.

An ESG research paper says left unchecked, the trends will eventually lead to ‘a breaking point, a time when the network team can no longer effectively manage the environment’. If the user experience isn’t monitored effectively and the troubleshooting tools aren’t in place, Berkman says IT will face a situation where there are more users with more devices experiencing application problems that can’t be resolved as easily.

He says that is driving huge demand for Gigamon’s traffic visibility solutions, which provide visibility into the traffic traversing physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.

In March, Frost & Sullivan awarded the company the 2012 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award in the traffic visibility solutions market.

Berkman, who dubs Gigamon ‘the Switzerland of the networking world’ because the solutions are agnostic to input and output devices, says he’s excited about the direction the company has been going in New Zealand.

Earlier this year Gigamon elevated reseller Newgen Systems to distributor status for Australia and New Zealand. “We have the relationships and expertise in this market to continue to grow,” Berkman says, “and we love all of these trends.”