Hewlett Packard Enterprise Roadshow takes off in Auckland

26 Nov 15

Hewlett Packard Enterprise took to the road recently as the company celebrated its launch following the separation from HP Inc, with resellers and customers in Auckland and Wellington.

Keith Watson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise New Zealand managing director outlined the vision for the company, which has been in New Zealand for nearly 50 years, and the reasoning behind the split, saying it will enable the company to be more nimble and agile - a critical component in today's world when ideas can be turned into reality in a fraction of the time it took just five years ago.

"In order to become more agile and help our customers thrive in this new era where IT and  business strategy are inseparable, HP has launched a new company," Watson says.

"We spent the last 391 days - I know everyone of them - undertaking the largest global business transformation in history."

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