HP launches elitist club

01 Jul 06

HP New Zealand has introduced a new class of partner within its developer and solution partner programme (DSPP).
So far three HP ISV partners - Total Communications, Wherescape and iVistra - have been promoted to Elite status.
John McCullough, HP ISV alliances manager, says partners selected to join the Elite club all demonstrate good growth potential and have existing solutions targeted at vertical markets.
“It’s very much a collaborative environment and is basically about how HP can help these partners achieve their goals locally and internationally,” he says.
Another factor, says McCullough, is that Elite partners have solutions already ported to Itanium.
McCullough describes HP’s role as that of a marriage broker, taking an Elite partner’s value proposition and driving demand.
“HP NZ is taking these three companies to market and will work with them on lead generation campaigns, work with them directly or find a reseller for their solution.”
Completely funded by HP, McCullough says his company is taking a big brother approach to its ISV partners.
“Bottom line – it’s a driver towards HP products and services. But it also gains brand loyalty and creates a valuable ecosystem which is vital in a market the size of New Zealand.”
However McCullough says the main focus is on the Elite partner and its solution.
“HP is backing these guys, it’s saying to the market that they’re easy to do business with. In return they understand where HP is going in the market and offer skills HP doesn’t have.”
Andrew Farris, Total Communications CEO, says Elite status presents an opportunity for greater expansion in the market.
“We’ve been a DSPP member for over two years and have found it incredibly beneficial. John has worked magic with the amount of support we’re being given – you couldn’t ask for more,” he says.

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