Identify opportunities by understanding customers

11 Oct 12

SMB’s printing needs have changed, says Anthony Toope, Fuji Xerox Printers Australia and New Zealand marketing manager.

The market is looking for constructive, expert advice.

The amount of print-related devices in a typical small to medium-sized business (SMB) is often out of proportion to the size of the business using them.

A typical office environment is likely to have a number of desktop printers, a networked workgroup printer and several multifunction devices.

The reality is that many SMBs do not have the resources to effectively manage their printing needs.

In today’s economy, the focus for many businesses is on cost cutting and improving staff productivity. Although it is estimated that a business’ total document output could be as high as 6% of total annual revenue, many businesses have no idea of their printing costs.

Furthermore, dealing with printer problems can be a frustrating drain on productivity.

SMBs are no longer simply buying printers; they are seeking to invest in efficient and cost effective printing solutions that offer a predictable costing structure, while at the same time increasing productivity. They are looking for constructive, expert advice.

Customer loyalty

This is where the role of the reseller is changing and value can be added by encouraging customers to assess their printing environments to identify opportunities for savings.

Furthermore, resellers should educate their customers that putting the right kind of solution in place can also be a productivity multiplier.

Resellers can gain real competitive edge by moving away from the ‘shifting boxes’ mentality towards developing trusted relationships with customers.

They should understand and effectively respond to their customers’ needs and concerns; taking the time to get to know a customer, their situation, frustrations and objectives. Resellers focusing on customer loyalty rather than customer numbers will perform best.

It is not surprising that interest in managed print services (MPS) is on the rise, particularly in the SMB market. Photizo market research predicts the Asia Pacific MPS market will grow by more than 60% in the coming year and that most of the growth will occur through the SMB market.

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