If it’s broke, fix it

01 Oct 08

Auckland IT infrastructure solutions provider Computer Brokers is not ‘broke’ – in fact revenues have exceeded $30 million – but their name does not ‘compute’. As General Manager Noel Simpson explained, you can’t let your proposals go to top-level board meetings only to have members ask why they are procuring from a second hand computer dealer! “Our name confused and misled people as to who we are and what we do,” he added.
A re-branding has been in the pipeline for the last couple of years and, with a revenue target of $50 million to reach in the next three years, the time seemed ripe. With connotations of being second hand, ‘flat broke’ or insurance brokers, the old name simply did not ‘hack it’, so they called in the experts to find a new name that was non-descriptive, memorable, target market agnostic and, of course, would allow the company to own the domain names in Australia and New Zealand.
Enter Lexel Systems Ltd.
 “The new name plays on the words ‘excel’ and ‘excellent’ and that was no accident”, said Simpson, who added that the tagline ‘excellence in IT business solutions’ will help to communicate Lexel System’s aim “to deliver exceptional IT experiences to our customers”. The new brand will continue to focus on customer services, flexibility, responsiveness and, of course, the new brand essence.
Here’s to another 20-odd years and more in the industry, Lexel!

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