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Intergen takes the stage at SharePoint Conference

23 Oct 09

At the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas Intergen presented its expertise in migrating code in front of a global audience. 

The presentation was centred on the mechanics of moving software programming code from Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to the new version of SharePoint 2010. 

“At Intergen we’ve been working with Microsoft to build SharePoint developer tools for some time. This presentation looked at some tools that we’ve built to support developers moving to SharePoint 2010, and common issues that developers may face in upgrading,” said Chris Auld, Director of Strategy and Innovation for Intergen. 

He added: “To be able to share our expertise with attendees is an honour.” 

Other Microsoft New Zealand partners included Enlighten Designs, Gen-I, DataSouth, Axon, Intergen, Provoke, KnowledgeCue, Aptimize and EnvisionIT. 

At the conference keynote speech, Microsoft Corporation Head Steve Ballmer announced that a public beta of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be available in November.