Intergen's 'ON' event detailed

26 Apr 10

Auckland and Christchurch events aimed at owners and managers with a focus on growing businesses.

The event focuses on growing  business, getting technology to work, streamlining and simplifying IT and staying connected with staff and customers.

“Online services are changing how we do business,” said the firm. “They let us focus on what we need to do without being slowed down by technology. They are ON when we need them. They are always there, always working. Imagine taking seamless, hassle-free IT for granted. Imagine having one less thing to worry about in your day.”

The event features talks from independent analyst Ben Kepes and Intergen’s Director, Strategy and Technology, Chris Auld.

Auckland registration begins at 7.30am and the event starts at 8.00am on May 13.

The following day, Christchurch registration opens from 7.45am with the event starting at 8.15am.

You can find full details of both events on the Intergen website.

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