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Introducing IP FX dimensions

01 Jul 07

New Zealand-based Telphony software development company, IPFX, is in line to announce some exciting new changes.  In the twelve years that IPFX has been in business, they have developed a significant track record in the Unified Communications market, becoming widely known for their innovative IP Telephony and Contact Centra business communications solutions.  During that time, “Presence”- based applications and Unified Communications have become a high growth sector of the market.  As the company that pioneered much of today’s Unified Communications functionality, they are ideally suited to lead the market to the next level.
Over two years ago, IPFX took time out to review their role in the marketplace in order to better understand the needs of their customers and how the solutions IPFX provides would continue to add value,  be relevant and well-utilised.  A blueprint, or vision, was developed of what the team at IPFX understood to be the needs of customers.  A key goal and objective was to develop a complimentary set of products to enhance those of Cisco and Microsoft.  While IPFX had the ability to fund the project and development themselves, they chose to seek outside perspective, both for added knowledge value and validation.  Consultations were held with HR experts and key people from the University of Auckland and Massey University, as well as  Boston’s renowned MIT.  In addition, IPFX applied for funding from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST) and were awarded an investment package worth approximately NZ $800,000 to support the development of IPFX’s new applications.  
Senior business manager for FRST, Tom Mcleod, commented on the investment by saying “IPFX is a successful exporter and high growth company with excellent prospects for further expansion . . . and the new technology developed with support from the Foundation will help it promote innovative solutions to increase employee productivity.”
The core concept of IPFX’s new solution arises from the recognised need to better manage interruptions through technology.  While Unified Communication technology provides many benefits, it can also have a downside.  Sometimes people are too available which increases stress while decreasing productivity.  What is required is a positive tool that manages interruption expectations and behaviour.  Interruptions can often be negative in terms of productivity unless they are managed properly.  Part of the new IPFX solution about to be unveiled in the next few months includes features that address the management of interruptions and also addresses many other productivity issues.
In anticipation of their exciting new product launch, IPFX has re-branded their entire product portfolio under the umbrella of IP FX DIMENSIONS.  The re-branding comes with an updated logo  and an entirely new set of products categorised by the company as Unified Productivity.  It illustrates IPFX’s efforts to humanise their product, making it more relevant to the people who use it.  Watch this space for more updates on the exciting prospects and opportunities coming from IPFX.