Kaseya acquires accounting suite

05 Nov 10

The accounting suite will be integrated into the Kaseya systems and service management platform, “creating an easy way for IT professionals to capture and monetise the costs associated with the delivery of IT services”.

"Kaseya is a perfect fit for ObjAcct and the entire ObjAcct team is excited to be part of the Kaseya hard charging entrepreneurial environment,” gushed ObjAcct Founder and CEO, Lee Mellinger.

“I am very excited to have the ObjAcct team join Kaseya on this quest to fill in the blanks in the next generation of IT systems,” said Gerald Blackie, Chairman and CEO of Kaseya.

“Lee and his team are stars, having worked on and written some of the best financial systems in the world. Their efforts on ObjAcct XML Accounting Suite is a credit to their profession and we think the ObjAcct XML Accounting Suite will help us greatly in reshaping IT for decades to come.”

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