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Kaseya's MSP of the year award comes to NZ

10 Dec 10

Kaseya has picked Auckland?based managed services provider, Maclean, as winner of its second MSP of the Year award.

This year was the first time the competition was open to managed services providers from both Australia and New Zealand.

Kaseya, who opened an Auckland service centre this week, selected Maclean for its ability to successfully deploy a managed services strategy in New Zealand’s mid?market.

“This was a highly contested award and is an important win for us. Almost all of the New Zealand resellers use Kaseya’s technology in their managed services platforms, giving the win some real meaning,” said Chris Maclean, CEO of Maclean.

“Customer feedback clearly indicated that decreasing system downtime, decreasing response time and increasing the value businesses get from their IT departments were the most important things an MSP can do. To that end, we sought technology, people and processes to achieve these things and have made great progress – in no small part thanks to Kaseya’s technology,” Maclean added.

In two years more than 65% of Maclean clients have moved to a fixed price agreement, boosting  contracted annuity revenue by 2000%. The company’s engineer utilisation rate has also increased 20%.

Martin Ashby, Executive Vice President APAC, commented: “Maclean impressed us with their clear vision and well?defined go?to?market strategy for managed services. The ANZ managed services market is one of the most advanced in the world. Maclean demonstrated that local MSPs are not resting on their laurels, but pro?actively driving specialisation and maturity in the industry.”

Earlier this week, Chris Maclean received a scholarship to the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme.