Kaspersky builds BYOD security solution

28 Feb 13

Kaspersky Lab has unveiled its new generation of business security solutions, designed to help businesses overcome the latest challenges in managing a secure and efficient network.

With an increasing demand for BYOD in enterprises of all sizes, Kaspersky says it has developed the ease of management and protection options available in this product for securing mobile devices.

Through Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (KESB), the solution allows business to provide the flexibility which staff require while ensuring sensitive corporate data is kept safe.

“Australian businesses want the flexibility to provide staff with a BYOD option, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides this flexibility along with piece of mind that all devices accessing sensitive corporate information are secure” says Andrew Mamonitis, MD, Kaspersky Lab ANZ.

The company’s new flagship security platform for enterprise was built to tackle advanced malware, cybercrime and complexity.

“The fundamental mission of the IT Administrator hasn’t changed much, but there are more obstacles along the way., Mamonitis says. “Organisations of all sizes deal with these challenges, but small to mid-sized businesses suffer from an additional hurdle: lack of resources and expertise to manage these new demands.

To simplify and secure business of all sizes, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides IT administrators with a single management dashboard, built on a Kaspersky Lab’s own unified platform to reduce the complexity of the operation of the software.

“IT managers now have a tool which will easily allow them to see, control and protect their corporate network,” Mamonitis says.

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