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Kiwi ingenuity at its finest

01 May 08

Founded in 2005 by Ross Vincent and Darren Smith, Thureon is the company behind the ultra innovative Armarac – the “server room in a box”.  The Aramarac is a wall-mounted server house that provides both physical security and a stable IT operations environment.  Prior to starting Thureon, both Vincent and Smith worked as IT consultants to enterprise and SMB customers in New Zealand.
“One of our previous customers had a requirement for one of their remote offices,” explained Vincent.  “It was to be a warehouse, a dry, dusty factory space, and they only needed it for a 12-18 month contract.” 
The customer wanted to run high tech, rack mounted equipment, but could not find a rack small, safe or clean enough.  When Vincent and Smith hit the same wall, they decided to do something about it.  After exhaustive patent searches, they realised that no one was manufacturing a product to answer this huge business need, and the prototype for the present day Armarac was born. 
“In great Kiwi tradition, we built our own answer to the problem,” Vincent said.  “That company has now re-deployed the initial unit three times.  They needed to have everything that a good rack had.  Essentially, what we built was a server room.”
The Armarac is fire retardant, access controlled, fully secure, and environmentally controlled, and fits the global 19-inch form factor standard.  Ideal for managed service providers, larger organisations that have a branch network and want to minimise interference, or SMBs that don’t have an ideal place for a server room, the Armarac is available in custom colour schemes. 
Thureon is looking to attract new resellers in New Zealand, and plans to sign with a distributor in the near future.  Visit www.thureon.com for additional information.