LevelOne introduces new range of advanced IP surveillance cameras

01 Aug 14

Networking specialist LevelOne has announced a new range of high-tech IP surveillance cameras for the second half of 2014, capitalising on the company’s reputation for innovation.

The new range, distributed in New Zealand by SnapperNet, will offer a selection of PoE 802.3af cameras, packaged to suit a wide variety of situations.

The cameras will offer features such as IR lenses, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), day/night viewing and a resolution of up to 10 megapixels, with a range of form factors to suit all conditions and deployments.

The FCS-3093 Panoramic Dome Network Camera for example will offer 5-Megapixel resolution for outdoor deployments, PoE 802.3af, WDR, and a vandal-proof and vibration-proof casing.

The FCS-3094 Panoramic Dome Network Camera sports a resolution of 10-Megapixels, again with PoE 802.3af, Day & Night viewing and WDR.

The cameras will be complemented by an upgraded software package, the OneSecure solution. The high-end freeware offers advanced features such as Missing Object and Foreign Object, whereby the camera can detect if something is missing from a regular image and sound an alarm, or if something is added to a viewing area that should not be there such as a bag, box car or person.

“The new freeware bundle is at least as good, if not better than the previous professional version," says Amanda Chen, CEO, LevelOne.
"Our OneSecure software now supports up to 64 channels, has best-in-field features and can be controlled remotely by a phone or tablet. We also now offer a free Central Management Software.”

The freeware version of OneSecure can be upgraded to support 100 channels for a small subscription fee.

The Central Management Software (CMS) included in LevelOne’s freeware bundle allows users to link and manage a network of NVRs. By purchasing additional CMS licences and connecting multiple NVRs, users can scale a network up to any size required.

“The software bundle will offer end-users real flexibility," adds Troy Chen, Marketing Director, LevelOne.
"A single PC with OneSecure downloaded can act as an NVR managing up to 64 cameras, or two, three or more NVRs can share the workload using the CMS.

"If the total number of cameras exceeds the 64 provided by the freeware, the network can simply be extended by buying a cheap CMS licence and linking more NVRs together.”

Other capabilities include H.264 compression to reduce the storage bandwidth of megapixel cameras, Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions and 2-Layer E-Map to identify the location of all cameras in the network, whereby an E-Map will pop-up on the host computer with the exact location of a security breach.

LevelOne’s security solutions can also be monitored remotely via iOS and Android apps.

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