M86 acquires Finjan

04 Nov 09

In an effort to step up its web security offerings, M86 Security today announced that it has acquired Finjan, which developed a line of enterprise-class secure web gateways and SaaS-based solutions.

VP of APAC for M86 Jeremy Hulse, said that while M86 has a strong presence in New Zealand, the acquisition will be attractive for resellers because it adds an additional layer of capability to the company’s goal of integrating both email and web security, which he said was where the company was headed, but was "accelerated through the acquisition of Finjan”.

But as the company integrates, it plans to continue to develop both the email and web security aspects simultaneously.

"They [web and email] will continue to grow and continue to be developed in parallel because we can’t favour one over the other in the current marketplace and especially where the web’s going,” he said.

Under the acquisition M86 will acquire Finjan’s global operations, products and technology and the company will merge into M86 effective immediately. M86 has also acquired a license to Finjan’s patents. 

But, Hulse said "there’s no plan to end any product lines or any products that we currently have” and said the goal is to mould the two products into one another in order to offer both software-based and appliance-based solutions.

He said the company is always looking forward at threats and this acquisition was just another way the company was looking into the future.

"The threat landscape is always changing …so we’re seeing different threats coming through, and this acquisition is part of our seeing the threats and building a much more comprehensive solution to meet those threats head on,” he said. 

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