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Major NZ mobility milestone as Gen-i partners with Flexera Software

07 Aug 13

Gen-i has today announced a new partnership to bring Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager Suite to the New Zealand market, embedded within Gen-i’s Licensing Assurance Services (LAS.)

Making Gen-i a Managed Service Provider for Flexera Software in New Zealand, the company says LAS will be the first licensing management service to give New Zealand businesses real control over their software environment.

The deal will see the merging of Flexera Software’s Software License Optimisation capabilities with Gen-i’s team of licensing strategists, a move COO Jo Allison is branding significant within the market.

“The rapid surge in adoption of smartphones, tablets and cloud applications has created a significant asset management challenge,” Allison says.

“There are few businesses that can confidently state that they know exactly what software is being used in their organisation, how it is being used and whether or not they are legally entitled to use it.”

“Businesses invest a substantial proportion of their budget in enterprise software, so any solution that helps them to simplify the software environment and derive more ROI from that investment is critically important.

“Our new partnership will enable us to leverage Flexera Software’s expertise in Application Usage Management together with our local licensing experts to offer a new service that helps our clients avoid legal and financial exposure due to non-compliant software, make better software buying decisions and save money.

“Flexera Software not only has the best technology, but is also the market leader, with a large global installed base of medium and large enterprise customers."

Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software.

As a result, LAS automates license management tasks, which enables businesses to streamline the software license lifecycle to reduce ongoing software licensing costs, maintain compliance and increase procurement efficiencies.

LAS leverages Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite, which enables organizations to maximise their return on high-value software investments, while maintaining continuous compliance. It automates the reconciliation of purchased versus installed licenses to calculate the software actually required to run the business.

”Gen-i has established itself as a leader in managed services with tremendous expertise and experience in Software Licence Optimisation,” says Tim Boudreau, VP of Strategic Alliances, Flexera Software.

“By combining their expertise and Flexera Software’s award winning FlexNet Manager Suite in Gen-i's LAS, enterprises in New Zealand now have a world-class solution to ensure continual software licence compliance and optimisation.”

LAS is managed by Gen-i’s large team of software licensing experts with expertise across more than 150 software brands.

In addition to standard procurement services, Gen-i offers its clients dedicated licensing staff, as well as one-off consulting projects provided by its experienced licensing experts.