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Maxnet to offer trusted cloud service

26 Apr 10

The New Zealand-owned datacentre and managed services provider has set its sights on becoming the country's leading provider of trusted cloud services.

"We've been a relatively quiet, understated brand despite the length of time we've been around and despite our degree of success,” said CEO John Hanna (pictured). “We’re working on the launch later this year of a trusted local cloud offering. Our vision is to be New Zealand’s leading provider of trusted cloud services."

He continued, "A lot of overseas organisations look great on the surface, but dig under the surface and try to get them to be flexible and it’s not possible. New Zealand local is really important. The cloud is not just an application. Store, compute, protect and connect. This is what we’re about.”

Maxnet will offer its cloud service to end users and will be “white labelling it through our extensive wholesale and reseller channel,” added Hanna. “Our vision is to deliver true end-to-end virtualisation. We believe that over the next two to three years you’re going to see some of the traditional systems integrators really challenged with the shift that virtual desktop is going to drive.”

Hanna is also looking to buy a voice company, “I’m flat out looking for a voice company to either buy, or if we don’t buy one, we’ll build one.”

In early May the company will launch new branding ‘Tame the machines’ and implement a 30% increase in its Auckland-based datacentre.