MessageLabs hunts for NZ partners

01 Mar 08

Internet security vendor MessageLabs has plans to enter the New Zealand market.  “Every time we enter a market, we generally create the market; but, in New Zealand and Australia there already is a significant market,” said Andrew Antal, ANZ Country Manager for MessageLabs.
Antal claimed that, in Australia, MessageLabs has a 42% market share in banking and finance, and a 32% market share in the legal arena.  However, the vendor does not have equivalent penetration in New Zealand.  “We know the business is there, both in enterprise and SME,” Antal stated.
Antal sees New Zealand’s large SME landscape as a particular sweet spot. “They don’t have the IT resources or staff to protect against web threats, and lack capacity and expertise.”
MessageLabs is looking for NZ partners who have good track records and good brand recognition.  “We’re focused on stimulating the New Zealand market and penetrating particularly the SME space.  We want to identify opportunities and fulfil them through our partners,” said Antal. 
Antal acknowledged that MessageLabs is not well recognised in New Zealand and stated that the vendor has “a lot of work to do”.  “In saying that, however, we have secured a number of large customers in NZ.  Even without a NZ presence, our record is exceptional,” he continued. 

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