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Microsoft CRM 4.0

01 Dec 07

Microsoft is continuing to move forward in the CRM space with the launch of their CRM 4.0 edition. The 4.0 is multi-tenancy, providing users with an on-demand CRM solution.
Microsoft held a Partner Readiness Launch based on the 4.0 product on 21 November, presented by Mark Corley, Senior Director of CRM Dynamics Channel Strategy. Corley said the aim of the launch was to get Microsoft’s partners started off in hosting.
The new solution has multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, making it easier to reach the channel in a broader sense. “Hosting opens up a whole new area of opportunity, and we wanted to make sure we offered our customers choice,” Corley said.
Corley went on to say that with the on-demand CRM solution, whole new geographic segments can be served; therefore, places that are harder to reach can be accessed.
While Microsoft have made additions to the 4.0 to help larger organisations, Corley said they expect to see a large amount of interest at the lower end of the market, in businesses that don’t necessarily have IT staff or resources. 
CRM 4.0 is considered to be an application platform, allowing businesses to customise their own solutions. It also comes with the advantage of being able to switch from a hosted application back to on-premise.
Microsoft’s CRM 4.0 will be available to customers by February 2008.