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Microsoft Office Store heads to NZ

12 Jul 13

Following the strongest Office 365 quarter, Microsoft is bringing it's Office and SharePoint Store to the masses - adding 22 countries including New Zealand.

Announced earlier this week, the software giant is opening up to new markets, with localised fronts following strong momentum within the market.

Building on the success Microsoft has seen with the US Office Store, countries with new storefronts include Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa and Spain to name a few.

"We've already seen strong momentum for the apps in the Office and SharePoint Store, with nearly 1 million downloads," wrote Kirk Gregersen, writer, Office Blog.

"With the Office and SharePoint Store, developers have the ability to reach Office users across consumer and business audience directly - with more than a billion Office users around the world, this is a huge untapped market opportunity as customers move to the cloud.

"All users of Office have access to the Store from within the Office products and the Store itself, making distribution and access to our partners' apps simple and seamless."

Taking the time to thank "our partners for the energy and momentum you are driving with Office 365", Gregersen added that Microsoft now have over 150,000+ partners enrolled to sell Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services.