Microsoft partners with Nortel

01 Dec 06

In June of this year, Microsoft announced a strategic alliance with communications solutions provider Nortel to deliver a joint Unified Communications offering to businesses globally. Through their Innovative Communications Alliance, both companies believe that partnering Microsoft software with Nortel’s world-class network quality and reliability will accelerate the availability of an Advanced Unified Communications offering.
Rob Spray, managing director of Nortel New Zealand believes Unified Communications will greatly change the way New Zealand businesses work.
“Unified Communications is about making communication personal and intuitive, linking your employees with the most appropriate form of communication at any given point in time through any line of business application or workflow. This has major implications for both improving the quality of your business relationships and reducing the complexity of otherwise challenging tasks.”

Rob explains the significance in the following way:
“For organisations as a whole, Unified Communications will reduce ‘wait’ time, making stakeholder interaction smarter and more efficient.
Most companies have two types of stakeholders:
* Low volume, high touch – These customers are largely those who really make the difference for the business, and are estimated at less than 10 for most New Zealand businesses. It is therefore important to keep the lines of communication as open and as rich as possible with this group.
* High volume, low touch – These customers are important to the business, but as they are a large group, businesses generally want to keep their interactions with them as efficient and cost-effective as they can.

The partnership between Microsoft and Nortel includes not only a commitment to deliver an Advanced Unified Communications solution, but also involves the sharing of intellectual property, joint R&D, business development and co-marketing.

Nortel and Microsoft plan to educate and enable their channels over the next few months, to deliver this high value solution.

Partners can learn more about Nortel and Microsoft’s Innovative Communications Alliance at:
* Business Value Events – Nortel will have a stand at the Auckland Business Value event to demonstrate the joint Unified Communications Solution
* The Microsoft Business Productivity Centre has been equipped with a full Unified Communications solution for demonstration.
* Nortel will run a series of workshops and briefings for partners throughout January.
* Nortel and Microsoft will be present at the BizGo event in March
* Partners and customers can expect to learn more at the TUANZ After Five’s in February next year.

For more information please visit, or contact your Microsoft / Nortel relationship manager or Rob Spray on 09 306 0127.

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