Mobility and Vista

01 Sep 06

As more business decision makers require mobile solutions for their businesses partners need to be able to provide the software and services that assist mobile workers.  Windows Vista includes many new features for mobile workers and provides a number of opportunities for PC manufacturers to customise their offerings accordingly.
Mobility features in Windows Vista really make this operating system relevant to businesses looking for functionality, reliability and security for their mobile workforce. Power management is enhanced with Windows Vista and with the Windows Mobility Center users can easily configure their laptops as they change locations or networks. This makes it a lot safer and faster for users to connect their laptops to a wide range of hardware and synchronise data between networks. PC manufacturers can also customise the Windows Mobility Center to include a number of hardware specific settings. Windows Vista also meets the needs of Tablet PC users with Windows Tablet Technology delivering significant improvements to the pen navigation experience. Key commands can be assigned to simple pen gestures and the Handwriting Recognition Personalisation Tool allows users to tailor recognition results to a personal handwriting style however messy.
Windows Vista SideShow is another great feature that mobile workers will love. This technology enables laptop manufacturers to include a secondary display in future laptop designs. This display can be used to easily view the critical information needed whether the laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode. The convenience provided by these auxiliary displays will save time and battery life by allowing users to quickly view meeting schedules, phone numbers and recent e-mail messages without having to start up their laptop.
The Windows Vista SideShow platform will also enable hardware manufacturers to build auxiliary displays in a wide range of peripheral devices such as keyboards, LCD display casings, remote controls and cell phones. These devices can then display information received from a Windows Vista-based PC providing even more convenience for the user.

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