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MPA and Virtual Iron announce partnership

01 Aug 07

Virtual Iron has stated that it will create a partnership with four distributors in the APAC region, including MPA. Their plan is to knock VMware off their podium by selling supporting hardware virtualisation technology at one-fifth of the price.  Virtual Iron, a Boston- based server  virtualisation and infrastructure management company, has a 100% channel model worldwide, and has big plans for New Zealand.

Roly Smoldon, enterprise director for MPA  New Zealand, stated, "Our goal at MPA is to build value into the relationship we have with our customers and suppliers.  The next logical step is virtualistion.”   With 70% - 80% of cost outside of the data centre, MPA plans to heavily educate partners on virtual desktop options. 

Stephen Madden, systems engineer for Virtual Iron said, "Virtualisation is not a passing fad.  We at Virtual Iron wanted to not just find a distributor who would process orders, but one who would evangelise virtualisation and support our customers.  In MPA, we have found a value–added distributor.”

Virtualisation is energy and carbon compliant, and there are massive opportunities for resellers who want to get involved in this space.  In the coming months, it will affect IT as power consummation becomes more of a prevalent topic.  "Virtualisation”, said Madden, "allows you to do more with less, at lower costs”.