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Mua who?

01 Feb 08

Melbourne-based consult and integrator, In Systems, is also Australia and New Zealand’s sole distributor of Mu Security products.  Mu Security, based in Silicon Valley, California, claims to have created the security analyser market, and has been shipping the industry’s first security analyser, the award-winning Mu-4000 Security Analyser, for more than two years.
Currently the only reseller of Mu Security in Australia, In Systems has tapped some of the larger systems integrators such as Alcatel-Lucent and Fujitsu.  “We are starting to work with some of the larger integrators,” said Peter Long, Director of In Systems.  “They tend to have better relationships with the customers we’re looking for.”
There are currently no integrators working with Mu Security in New Zealand, but Long is hoping to see that change, whether New Zealand branches of large Australian integrators are brought in, or new New Zealand contacts are made.  The premium security product requires technical expertise and sales saavy, which is why In Systems plans to target large, well-known integrators both in Australia and New Zealand. 
While there are no NZ customers at this stage, Long hopes that will change once more integrators get involved.  “There is a clear, competitive advantage,” he said.  “Mu is automated, thinks like a hacker, and works like an auditor.”
In the US, Mu has found success with carriers such as AT&T and Sprint.  While Telecom NZ would be an ideal customer, said Long, Mu also works well in the critical infrastructure space.  To find out more about Mu and its potential in the New Zealand market, contact Peter Long directly on or +61 3 8611 3901.