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Need a homepage? Google’s got it

01 Jul 07

Google recently announced the launch of its Business Pages feature for AdWords in New Zealand. Intended for businesses without their own websites, AdWords Business Pages are informational webpages that advertisers can create when they sign up for an AdWords Starter Account. Businesses can use this hosted webpage to give users more information about their products and services when users click on their online ads.
AdWords Business Pages are a feature of the AdWords Starter Edition advertising platform, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that want to try online marketing. They enable these advertisers to create a simple, basic landing page containing a description of their business, phone number, address, operating hours, location, and accepted payment methods. The pages can even be customised with the logo and photos of the business.
One of Google’s highest priorities is making online marketing available to all businesses. In New Zealand a very significant proportion of the approximately 350,000 SMBs do not have a website and thus cannot advertise on the Internet. AdWords Business Pages offer these businesses a solution to broaden their customer base and potentially increase revenue through an online presence.