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New look for the New Year

01 Feb 08

Auckland-based distributor, Snapper Networks Distributors Ltd, aka SnapperNet, has rebranded.  Directors Mark Forbes and Richard Paul found the old logo to be too vague.
“We’ve increased our profile in the last 12 months which has resulted in some solid growth,” explained Forbes. “We want our brand to stand out, and we didn’t think we were going to achieve that with the existing logo.  We wanted to stick with a nautical theme, hence the wave, and then the bubbles coming up through the name – the bubbles being zeros and ones which depict the technology market we play in.”
SnapperNet’s new branding was rolled out in January across all of the distributor’s marketing and promotional material, including advertising, all in-house materials, and their website, 
What do Forbes and Paul hope to achieve with this extensive rebranding exercise?  “Firstly, we want to achieve brand awareness,” said Forbes.  “We want it to stand out, so that when resellers are thinking about networking or data communication products they think of SnapperNet as their first port of call.  Secondly, we wanted to create some consistency in the way we use our logo across all our marketing and communication material.”